Metro in Prague

Touring in the Sci-Fic city in Prague


When talking about Prague, usually will think about history, literature and revolution. The city on the ground is just a like a history book of architecture, while the city underground is displaying another kind of city aesthetic .

There are 3 metro lines in the city from the east to the west, from the north to the south. Up till 2015, there are 61 stations in service, and the service is still expanding. The oldest Line A has started service since 1978.

Design of each station is unique. Some of them have specific design to adapt the environment, to integrate with neighberhood nearby or to serve specific functions. Other stations can be grouped up by 3-5 each. And each group uses similar construction material and apply similar theme in design, while using colour to identify the difference. Commonality of all the stations is the use of symmetry in design, even the rubbish bins are laid on the center line. Labels and pipes inside the stations are also placed symmetrically. Billboard, benches and other station equipments are also aligned with consideration of design.

Just touring along the metro lines, I can feel the persistence of aesthetics of the city, which reflects connotation of the city.


Wednesday, 03 May 2017