Distance from the Ground Zero

Distance from the Ground zero


Hiroshima has been rebuilt as the City of Peace after the atomic bomb attack. It has built memorial park, memorial museum, monuments, Heiwa Odori and has planted many trees to mourn the dead. I feel an unnamable distance when walking in the city.

Distance between war and peace is a kind of untouchable distance.
Distance between disaster and reason for causing the disaster is a kind of distance cannot be spoken.
Distance between memorial and consumption is kind of distance contradict to each other.
The devastated city and the prosperity city built on top of the devastated land has no physical distance between each other but they are also so far away from each other.

Human become tiny inside the city with such a huge devastating disaster happened. The disaster let us remember to be humble to life.

I shot this series to capture this feeling when walking inside the city.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018